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October 15, 2023

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Cost £16.00
Child £9.50
Free with English Heritage membership
Parking Free
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On a rare sunny but cold Autumn Sunday,

We head to one on our hit list – Belsay Hall, Castle and Gardens in Northumberland. We were eager to explore this historic gem in Northumberland, which promised architecture, history, and natural beauty.

belsay hall 2

Big windows, Even bigger pillars

Belsay Hall, constructed in the early 19th century,

is a stunning example of Greek architecture oddly nestled in the Northumbrian countryside.

Whilst admiring the craftsmanship that had created the imposing columns and grand hall we wandered through the now bare rooms, with remnants of wallpaper and fittings that gave an idea of what things looked like over 60 years ago when the owners moved out.

belsay hall 4

Straight outta Acropolis

belsay hall 3

Come sit by my fireplace

belsay hall 5

Entrance to the gardens

After exiting the hall, we walked through the extensive Quarry garden towards the Castle and café. Its towering rock faces and exotic foliage reminded me a little of our visit to the 🔗Eden Project.

belsay hall 6

Missus on a mission

belsay hall 10

It’s a bit nippeh

belsay hall 12

Big Timber

The Castle, a medieval tower house, starkly contrasts the classical greek style-hall.

Inside, a very well made info-cartoon is projected onto a castle wall complete with sound and if you’re feeling brave you can also scale the stone spiral staircase to the castle roof.

To complete our trip, we grabbed a bite and beverage from the Coach House Café, whilst making sure Isaac didn’t see the playground (maybe when he’s older)  before circling back to the entrance to buy an overpriced Christmas tree decoration on our way out.



belsay hall 8

Lord of the manor



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