Tynemouth Priory and Castle

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January 27, 2024

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Cost £6.80
Child £3.60
Free with English Heritage membership
Parking Free Nearby, none on-site
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On a bright but chilly day, we headed to Tynemouth Priory & Castle,

The priory, a historic site on England’s North East coast, dates back to the 7th century and has a rich history as a place of worship, a monastery, and a fortress. 

Tynemouth Priory Castle 1

Off we go

As we entered the site, we were greeted by the impressive ruins of the priory, which overlooks the North Sea.


After a quick toilet stop and perusal of the small exhibition, Isaac immediately explored the area, looking for dangerous ledges and steps to fall down...

Whilst keeping an eye on him, Rachael and I took in the panoramic views against the vast expanse of the North Sea, which sent its fair share of strong winds straight at our faces as we began to epxlore.

The Priory Church, according to Wikipedia, is a beautiful example of medieval architecture. The intricate carvings on the stones must have taken forever to create and can still be appreciated having withstood the weather for centuries.


Tynemouth Priory Castle 2

Through the arches

Tynemouth Priory Castle 3

Looking out to sea

Tynemouth Priory Castle 10

Part of the Priory

The location of the priory was initially a defense against Viking raids and more recently a battery of cannons to protect against modern enemies – times never change it seems. As we explored we read the informaiton boards and discovered the The Oratory of St Mary with its beautiful floors and stain glassed windows casting a kaleidoscope of colour across the walls.

Tynemouth Priory Castle 8

Stained Glass Diffusion

Tynemouth Priory Castle 5

Ah yes, very informative

Tynemouth Priory Castle 9

Pretty as a picture

As we ended our visit, we managed to get a great family selfie before heading back out through the large iron gates that the English Heritage attendant was happy to open for us (access for a pushchair is challenging otherwise) and headed on into town where we enjoyed a lovely lunch at 🍴 Rene’s of Tynemouth before heading home.

We will definetly visit again when Isaac is a little older and do a more detailed exploration of the site and surrounding village.


Tynemouth Priory Castle 12

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